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Born in 1974 in Ankara, Arda developed an interest in computers and rock'n'roll music when he was in secondary school. Commodore, Amiga, 8086 processors...


He studied electronics/computer science in high school, dropped out of two universities -Anadolu University, Tourism Department and Ankara University, Department of Archeology/Restoration- to be a musician. In 1999, he settled down in İstanbul that he had been commuting to play guitar. He worked on sound technology for a while, took an interest in video-animation-vfx and started making videos in 2004, realized numerous live video performances for many international musicians and festivals; contributed/directed concert DVDs, music videos and commercials.

In 2018 Arda Yalkin is the co-founded ha:ar with the renewed Turkish sculptor Hande Sekerciler. The duo received invitations from prestigious artist residency programs such as Residency Unlimited (NYC), AAI (NYC) and 18th Street (LA). In addition, the duo opened their first solo exhibition in NY in 2018 followed by 2021 exhibitions in Ankara, Venice , Milan and Istanbul. The duo are also amongst the first in the world to release their physical exhibition as DigitalArt NFT collection and became news on national televisions in Turkey, Italy and Switzerland. They also undertook the curation of Turkey's first physical NFT exhibition at Contemporary Istanbul.


Today Arda is being invited to many conferences, trainingsand workshops as keynote speaker and expert on the relationship between blockchain technology and art, he is also advising various institutions on this topics.

Arda is also the co-founder of Piksel, a non-profit educational program that aims to teach technological production methods to young artists and financially support the production of the first works.


"In my works, I refer to unpleasant subjects such as power-people conflict, consumer society, assimilation, war, politics, religion and dissolution. Despite not grown up as an MTV kid, I attach great importance to the power, methods and intelligence of commercial ads, mainstream movies and mass media. The things I valued as a young  student are now transforming into consumer goods as I watch with awe.


My method can be described as reverse engineering. I like to provoke people. The capital and political power apply refined and well crafted communication techniques to exploit the people and I use their own methods to disturb them a little."

Articles & Publications

"Everything ıs Awesome Exhibition Book including Marcus Graf's article "Great Time in the Age of Mega-Materialism and Optic-Opium (A few thoughts about the current work of Arda Yalkın)" and an interview with the artist. 

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Ulya Soley's article about "Everything Is Awesome" for Istanbul Art News

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"Deep Fried Dreams"  Exhibition Catalogue

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"Hard-working Little People"  Exhibition Catalogue

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Ali Şimşek - The burning energy of collage and "Hard-working Little People"  (Turkish & English)

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Beyza Boynudelik - Bodies without memory (Turkish & English)

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Selected Exhibitions and Screenings




Moving Images Fest. w/ Gaia Gallery - New York

Everything ıs Awesome (Solo Show) w/ Gaia Gallery - Istanbul

Contemporary Istanbul 2016 w/ Gaia Gallery - Istanbul



Alter-Hero w/ Gaia Gallery - Istanbul 

Loop Barcelona Video Fest. 2016 w/ Gaia Gallery - Istanbul

Call of Marsyas 2016 w/ Gaia Gallery - Bodrum



Contemporary Istanbul 2015 w/ Gaia Gallery - Istanbul 

Deep Fried Dreams 2 (Solo Show) w/ Cer Modern - Ankara 

How Should a War Be Remembered w/ Cer Modern - Ankara 



Deep Fried Dreams (Solo Show) w/ Gaia Gallery - Istanbul

Merz 3000 w/ Plato Art Center - Istanbul 

Contemporary Istanbul 2014 w/ Gaia Gallery - Istanbul 

Untitled w/ Gallery Metazori - Alaçatı 

Turkish & Greek Artists w/ Artis Causa Gallery - Thessaloniki (Greece)

Batteries Not Included w/ Gallery Linart - Istanbul

BorderBody.MixingIdentities w/ Artexpo - Almaria (Spain) & Bari (Italy)



Red Exhibition w/ Çağla Cabaoğlu Gallery - Istanbul

Are You As Great As Your Shadow w/ Cer Modern - Ankara

Contemporary Istanbul 2013 w/ Red Art Gallery - Istanbul

Untitled w/ Çağla Cabaoğlu Gallery - İstanbul

Differences w/ Türker Art - Istanbul

​Art Athina  w/ Artis Causa Gallery - Athens (Greece)

Friendship 2 w/ Artis Causa Gallery and Technohoros -  Athens (Greece)



Untitled w/ Çağla Cabaoğlu Gallery - İstanbul

Friendship 1 w/ Artis Causa Gallery - Thessaloniki (Greece)

Contemporary Istanbul 2012 w/ Alan Istanbul - Istanbul

Hardworking Little People (Solo Show) w/ Alan Istanbul - Istanbul

Woman, Beautiful But Alone w/ Alan Istanbul - Istanbul

Ikametgah Kadikoy 2012 

Self Portrait w/ Alan Istanbul - Istanbul

Sorry I Couldn't Recognize You  w/ Port Art Gallery - Ankara




Contemporary Istanbul 2011 w/ Video Cube - Istanbul

Pop Art Extended w/ Alan Istanbul and Linart - Istanbul

İkametgah Kadıköy 2011




Ihsan Oktay Anar Symposium Exhibition w/ Bilgi University - Istanbul


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