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Rorschach Project - 2016

Rorschach Project
5ch HD Video, sesli 5ch HD Video with sound
Loop 4”20’

Created by 
Arda Yalkin 


Vocals: Nil İpek
El. Guitar: Efe Demiral 
El. Bass: İlker Göçmen
Trumpet: Barış Demirel


"Even if this video seems to be related improvisation and sound, what led me to make this video is the reflex of the people to the notifications on social media. Therefore, I turned the images of violence and war all taken from news portals and social media into animation by filtering them just like I do our own notifications in daily life. While getting this animation, I processed every single

video frame one by one via a script I wrote. Four musicians who watched these images for the first time, improvised music to these images. And I bound together this independent music like a song. When Rorschach Project was revealed to me as an opinion I had no idea how it would seem. People were reproducing and sharing their own pictures with the techniques of various painters. This opinion seemed interesting and I created a script that works under a photo running software. Mine resembled more of a watercolor paint. Later, I created a video by adding lots of news images shared on social media end to end, reproduced the video by processing every single video frame (around 2000 images). When I combined the image I get with the other animations I made, the result was an animation so realistic that it looks hand drawn. "

The Circle Jerk - 2016

The Circle Jerk is a 7ch HD video installation

Created by 
Arda Yalkin  and  Akın Tek

Arda Yalkin

Akin Tek

Aslı Içözü
Yiğit Kirazcı

DOP, VFX, Compositing, Animation, Editing
Arda Yalkin

Selin Damar

Hande Şekerciler

Gaia Gallery Istanbul

İki Monolog | Two Monologues​ - 2012

Dİrected, Animation, Stop Motion and Music - Arda Yalkin

Writen and Performed - Akın Tek
Photography - Hande Şekerciler


I’m faintheartedly turning the pages of the decent newspapers, left so few, to see the awful news. And more awful news comes to me when I turn my face to social media. Hydroelectric dams, violated academic freedom, ban of abortion, Palestine, Kurds... Listed like that, they are out of their importance, as if they are numerical calculations. And they get rid of their urgency as they reflected next to cat videos, celebrity quotes, yet another sharing of some distant friend’s, eating something somewhere. But I sign the petitions, without thinking much about whether it will be useful, Often go to Taksim for protests, and with some experience left from the days we spent at the stadiums, cry out at the top of my lungs: “There is no individual victory! Together we stand, divided we fall.” When I get home, I feel helpless and lonely, every time. What would happen if we never cried out? How it feels to listen someone cry out, What’s the effect? “run my friend run, the police will come.” Now and then internet tell the good news: “Our petition hitted the point, she is free! Go on. Let’s sign this now. ” Though I should feel excited and think how crowded we are indeed,

I reflect on the other unsuccessful attemps. They are huge: “They overrule the claim, say goodby to the greenyard.” Next is the selfies of relatives: “God bless you kids, you are awesome.”, “The claim is overruled, the rapist is outside.” She turned her status to “single”.  “Oh dear you know we are always with you L” He was acquitted three times, but the court to see him forth.” “my daughter has won the art competition.” “Oh god bless her how smart she is.” “Convicted goverment officer is promoted.” Photo of a new born. “oh sweet sweet, may the lord reward him.” And I’m exposed to spritual quotes, if everything haven’t been that sickening would they still be that spritual? “Sweetheart, don’t be sad.” Then I slide the window of the close shotted insect. “You are great!” “Master piece” I focuss on the countless eyes of the insect, And I see countless reflection of my friend and his camera. And I share: “you don’t need that much eyes little bug, spare some for us please.” 

Farz | Must - 2012

Directed, vfx, Sound design - Arda Yalkın
Performer: Orkun Kılınç

Directed, vfx, Sound design - Arda Yalkın

Performer: Nazan Yatgın



A woman poet from ancient times says; whenever she looks at her reflections in the mirror, she just sees an empty frame 'cause before he man leaves her, he deprives her from his look. Woman needs the look of man at least as an approval to exist.

She wants to be seen and desired. Is the creator of his passive figure male dominated world or the nature of feminity? This is the dilemma, however woman of today doesn't look like an empty frame. That special and beatiful woman is allways on tv, web, billboards, and magazines. Now, thee look of man reflects her from these mirror mediums. and the role of her is to look like her, who is one of her nonexistent kind.

Tığ Gibi​ - 2012

Directed, vfx, Sound design, Performer - Arda Yalkın


We all believe in those better days -our own community's better days. We want our right, not justice. We are all faultless, all square. As our numbers increase less space is left for confessions. We are in the secure darkness of the blindness of our conscience. Can we derive the courage to oppose ourselves out of this pure slavery ? Who will take care of the abyss between our reason and the cause we adopted. Who will fling our hypocrisy to our teeth ?

Cellat | The Executioner​ - 2011

Bir | One - 2011

Directed, vfx, Sound design, Performer - Arda Yalkın



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